Born and raised in Paris ‘’the city of lights’’, I have studied fashion design in Paris and Chicago. Art and fashion are a second nature and a way of living. However, my curiosity has always pushed me to see beyond the borders of my country and I have traveled all over the world to discover different types of cultures that apprehend aesthetic in so many different ways, and it has become my vision for creativity. 

I love Tribal art as much as Western art, I have developped a passion for the beauty of African sculptures and the richness of ethnic fabrics. Some of the most beautiful people I have met were the Maasai in Kenya, they impersonated beauty from their hairstyle to the use of plaid to cover their long and lean body along with their spears. The layers of colorful skirts of the Indigenous South American women are still vivid in my memory as much as the henna palms drawing of the Arabic women.

In the end I have learned more from traveling than shopping in Paris. Each pieces are unique and handcrafted by me. My creations are a reflection of all these influences, a mix of the right amount of textures and colors, a hint would be my definition of style, a balance between western culture and the rest of the world added to the Parisian touch that defines me.